The hair cross and Topocad is very slow. Why?

Sounds like you've got graphics issues and should Contact our customer support.

It looks like Chaos desktop is open and running, however I can't se a window?

You've probably switched from two screen view to one screen view and Chaos desktop is unfortunately running on the screen that is no longer available. Do the following:

1. Close the system
2. Run the reset.exe file. It'll clear Chaos desktop window coordinates.

Can I upload my code tablet from Topocad to my Trimble instrument?

Yes you can. Do the following:
1. Go to "Export > Trimble/Geodimeter".
2. Choose Trimble Link i the drop down menu under "Type"- click on the "Send" button.
3. Under "Export settings", click on uploads.
4. Choose to upload.

Why can't I see network units when I open Chaos desktop?

Looks like you're logged in with another user than your own, for example if you run program as Administrator you wil not be logged in with your own user. Restart Chaos desktop with your own user.

I've upgraded Topocad to a new version and I can't find my system files and templates. What to do?

Always remember that all your files and templates are set to standard when you upgrade to a newer version. You'll have to add new search ways, templates, system settings and much more once again.

Do you have English user guides about Chaos desktop?

Yes, please find them at our web site:
Support -> Manuals -> Chaos desktop user guides.

Does Topocad 64-bit work on Windows?

Yes. Topocad version 15 and later versions have both 32 and 64 bits that works on Windows.

How do I register my license for Chaos desktop?

Right click on the Chaos desktop icon on the desktop and press SHIFT. Choose "Run as Administrator" and add your licens information. For personal support regarding licenses please contact us at info@adtollo.se.

I get an error message in Topocad, what does it mean?
- Wrong version of file
- No report template found

Wrong version of file
It appears either if you try to read a file that comes from a newer version of Topocad than the one you are using, or if you try to load a different version of the format than what Topocad supports.

No report template found
Go to system settings> folders and check that the path to reports points to the correct location.
The default path is C: \ ProgramData \ Adtollo \ Topocad xx \ Reports