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We develop software systems for surveying and document management for those who build society.

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Adtollo is a software company that specializes in developing products for surveying and mapping, as well as document and drawing management. Our software solutions are designed to help engineers, architects, surveyors, and other professionals manage complex data and workflows more efficiently.

One of Adtollo’s key products is Topocad, a comprehensive surveying and mapping software that allows users to create and manage digital terrain models, perform survey calculations, and generate high-quality maps and reports. Topocad also includes advanced features for 3D modeling and visualization, making it a powerful tool for a wide range of works.

Another popular product from Adtollo is Chaos desktop, a document and drawing management system that helps organizations store, organize, and track important documents and drawings throughout their lifecycle. Chaos desktop provides a centralized platform for document management, allowing users to easily search, retrieve, and share information across different departments and projects.

Overall, Adtollo’s software products are designed to improve productivity and streamline workflows for professionals in surveying, mapping, and document management. With their user-friendly interfaces and powerful features, Adtollo’s solutions are trusted by organizations around the world to manage complex data and streamline their operations.

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Surveying & Mapping

Softwares for you who:

  • Need a complete 3D CAD system with different modules adapted to your workspace.
  • Prefer to influence the development of your workflow.
  • Need a format that is compatible with both coordinate data, CAD data and GIS data.
  • Work with different types of data such as vectors, raster, terrain models and point clouds.
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Document & Drawing management

Softwares for you who:

  • Want to meet deadlines and deliver correct data for big projects.
  • Want to create effective and simple basis for deliveries.
  • Want to update drawing stamps and drawings automatically in the system.
  • Want to reduce errors and increase project qualities by creating drawing lists automatically in MS Word.
  • Need to find the right files through meta data and quick searches.
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