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Adtollo Inside Story: Meet Axel Munktell, Topocad Sales Representative at Adtollo


Name: Axel Munktell
Position: Sales Representative, Topocad
Employed at Adtollo since: Spring 2023
Background: Recently graduated Bachelor of Science, Industrial and Management Engineering at Örebro University.


Meet Axel, our enthusiastic newcomer to the Adtollo family. Growing up in Alsike, Knivsta, Axel spent four years studying in Örebro before making the move to Stockholm to join Adtollo. For the past six months, he has been a part of our sales department within Surveying &  Mapping.

Hi Axel, how was your morning?

– My morning was calm. I skipped my morning workout today, but usually, I’m out running or at the gym. I’m training for a “Swedish Classic,” which is a challenge where individuals complete four of Sweden’s most famous and demanding endurance races in different sports disciplines within 12 months. I recently completed “Lidingöloppet” and are now planning my training for the upcoming race this  winter, “Vasaloppet”.

What does a typical workday look like for you at Adtollo?

Axel’s primary task is to identify and reach out to potential new users. A typical day might involve contacting those evaluating Topocad to see if they need any assistance. Speaking with those who use the system is something Axel finds valuable.

– Understanding users’ needs is crucial, so I’ve invested time in truly delving into all of Topocad’s features and have taken all of our courses. It has given me deeper insight into the software. In my role as a Topocad Sales Representative, it’s essential to understand the product and “our part” of the construction industry. It’s not about selling a product to people; it’s about understanding a need so that our users can perform their work accurately and smoothly.

What attracted you to apply to Adtollo?

Axel reveals that it all began early in the spring during a conversation with his friend Ellen, a fellow student from Örebro with whom I did most of our group assignments with.

– Our studies were coming to an end, and we discussed the future, says Axel. Ellen remembered that I was interested in CAD.

During their studies, they had worked extensively with CAD, although more for product development purposes, using software like SolidWorks and Creo Parametric. Now, Ellen mentioned that her friend Emma worked at Adtollo, a company developing CAD software for measurement. Axel became curious and immediately Googled Adtollo. It sounded like an exciting industry, and he became interested in the software. The company seemed to have a strong sense of unity based on what Axel could gather from social media.

When it came time to apply, Axel wanted to do something that would make him stand out.

– Instead of the traditional route, I decided to create a short video presentation about myself and attach it with my CV, he says. Axel laughs and adds, To truly make an impression, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. It’s all about daring!

How would you describe the atmosphere at Adtollo?

– I felt a positive atmosphere right from the interview. You’re welcomed with open arms from the very beginning, Axel responds. One of my future colleagues asked if I played floorball. Regardless of my answer, I felt accepted and that I could be myself. There’s a genuine openness here that facilitates communication with everyone.

What do you appreciate most about your job?

– I value the freedom in my work; it’s not overregulated, and I’m given room to showcase my skills. There’s inherent trust that I’ll deliver.

Flexibility to work from different locations is also a significant advantage according to Axel, although he typically prefers to be in the office.

Do you have any tips for those interested in a sales career in our industry?

Axel believes it’s important to be receptive to new knowledge and not hesitate to take the plunge. Feeling nervous is common, but once you take the first step, the rest often follows naturally.

– Listen to how colleagues interact with customers and participate in their meetings to better understand the customer’s perspective. Being professional means being open and honest. If you’re unsure of an answer, don’t hesitate to ask for time to follow up.

Although Axel initially hadn’t envisioned a career in sales, he finds joy in building relationships and finding common ground with customers.

What’s happening right now during the autumn?

Axel enjoys the fact that autumn is here; the industry is picking up pace again after the summer lull, and everything is in full swing. He also looks forward to the company’s trip to Berlin in October.

– It’s going to be fun to do something significant with colleagues, together. It will be my first business trip outside of Sweden.

What do you like to spend your time on when you’re not working?

You can often find Axel immersed in a book or reading exciting articles online. Personal development is something Axel values highly. At one point, he used to keep a diary, reflecting on the day’s events, and meditation was also part of his exploration journey. When it comes to physical challenges, Axel is dedicated.

-Recently, I’ve invested a lot of energy into my training, especially with the goal of completing a Swedish Classic, he adds. I enjoy challenging myself, so why not do it properly!

Moving from Örebro to Stockholm was also a big change in Axel’s life.

– I bought a bike to explore the city. Now I live in Södermalm, but I often cycle out of the city to find peace on lovely gravel roads and trails. Although I appreciate city life now, I see a future in a more relaxed suburb, maybe Solna, he concludes.

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