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Topocad - for the surveyor in the municipality or construction industry

Topocad serves civil engineering with a wide range of activities: from map management and production of map products to the engineer’s need for technical calculations at the construction site

Topocad is

  • An all-inclusive 3D CAD system with the capability to do everything within a single platform.
  • A geodesy program that helps you transform field data from GNSS receivers, total stations, laser scanners, drones, and more into high-quality information
  • Module-based, where you only pay for the modules your work requires
  • Handles a wide range of data formats for import/export and database connectivity
  • Uses a format that is compatible with both coordinate data, CAD data, and GIS data
  • Offers full integration between different types of data, including vectors, rasters, terrain models, and point clouds

In which area do you operate?

Our solutions for Survey & Mapping are tailored for various areas:


Topocad for construction

Volume calculations, construction, excavations, roads, utilities, ditches, as-built drawings, and much more.


Topocad for municipalities

Databases, land use planning, submissions to authorities, cadastral maps, urban planning, data management, design for municipalities, and much more.


Topocad for educational institutions

Topocad for teachers and students! For institutes teaching Topocad and special offers for students.

Topocad's Modules

Topocad is modular and can be tailored to your specific needs. You shouldn’t have to pay for more than what you use.


Base Module

Includes BIM & Topology


Calculation Modules

Road, Railway, Utilities, Pipelines, Volumes & Net Adjustment


Municipality-Specific Modules

BAL & Civil Planning


Mapping & Database Modules



Other Modules

Espa, Flex FME & FE”

What do our users say?

Drone images in Topocad enhance the quality of the drawing

Markus Johansson
survey technician on Geodetik

It’s about doing it right from the start. To get a base that complies with reality, survey technician Markus Johansson on Geodetik sends up a drone. With day-to-day pictures and surveyed objects, the design or drawing in Topocad is up-to-date. The number of errors are decreasing, Markus says.

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