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Topocad - office software for surveyors

Topocad streamlines your workflow, from the drawing table to finished construction. It’s a flexible and modular 3D CAD system, allowing you to import and combine a wide range of formats all while maintaining important meta data.

With a user base of surveyours, contractors, municipalities and governments, Topocad brings order to your chaos.

A few advantages when using Topocad:

  • Topocad is a comprehensive 3D CAD system with modules for different types of work

  • Topocad handles a large amount of data format import/export and database connectivity

  • Topocad uses a format that is compatible with both coordinate data, CAD-and GIS data

  • Topocad has integration between different types of data, such as vectors, raster, terrain models and point clouds

Topocad for construction workers

Topocad is a CAD system of geodetic calculations for everyone working with design, machine Guidance, BIM, Volume & Amount Calculation. It can also be used for presentations & drawings.

Topocad for construction work

Topocad for municipalities

We provide a versitale and funtional mapping system solution based on CAD and GIS. You can use many different databases, depending on your needs. Connections to other systems, for example, to load the FIR and KIR are easy to make.

Topocad for municipalities

Topocad for training institutes and universities

We have special offers for both teachers and students. Student licenses are for free.

Topocad for training institutes