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Chaos Desktop - software system for document and drawing management

CHAOS DESKTOP HELPS YOU WITH drawing stamps, to preview files in the integrated viewer, to save emails directly in the project and to find the right files easier thanks to metadata.

THE CAD MODULE makes the work towards AutoCAD and Microstation more efficient. Metadata from Chaos desktop can be used to create drawing stamps. Batch plot to AutoCAD makes it easy to combine plot with other functions, for example to freeze layers.

  • Search - Find the right files faster
  • Deliver files to Project Site – Documents include Metadata
  • Printing and Conversion – Print DWG files without using AutoCAD and convert to PDF
  • Create inventories – Automatically generated in Word

Functions in Chaos Desktop


For each document stored in a project in Chaos Desktop, you can specify metadata. Depending on how you type configured your project, you can have different sets of metadata for different types of documents. For example, a drawing can have different metadata than one protocol. Metadata in Chaos Desktop is stored in an extension file that is stored along with the documents in the Project.

Project templates

When installing Chaos Desktop, you can choose to include the project templates. We enclose a number of templates that can be used when creating your project. A project template consists mainly of a folder structure and metadata configuration, but they need not be connected, but can be used separately.

Name Convention

With the help of Chaos Desktop naming convention, file names can be created under a given name default. It’s easy to build out a naming convention of his Chaos Desktop projects. It also has examples of naming conventions in the included project templates.

Program Starter

With the program starts, you can automate repetitive tasks performed as plotting files. Program Starter can also perform the script, such as updating metadata in CAD files. When you designed your program start, you can run it on multiple files simultaneously, which saves time and increases the quality of your project as you would avoid updating documents manually.


DigiTejp is a feature of Chaos Desktop that is used to apply digital markings on the documents of the file type PDF or PLT. You can use this feature to tag multiple files at once, and in the end you get a report of the updated files.

Preview Document

In Chaos Desktop, you can preview documents without having to have the application that created the file installed on your computer. Chaos Desktop Viewer handles most file types, around 200 different formats. For example: DWG, DGN, PDF, PLT, DXF, TOPX, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, MSG, JPG, TIFF, PNG and many other formats.


The tool that helps you batch plot and export the “right” file name. Chaos Desktop supports Revit, Autodesk’s BIM application. It’s a plug-in for Autodesk Revit that makes it possible to batch plot and export files with the “right” file name to Chaos desktop. You can also save metadata from a stamp in a sheet, allowing Chaos Desktop manage the files, for example, create drawing lists. Chaos Desktop for Revit is a part of the CAD module.

Modules in Chaos Desktop

Chaos Desktop has modules for CAD, SharePoint and Congeria. Chaos Desktop CAD module helps to streamline work with help from AutoCAD , Microstation and Revit . With Chaos Desktop SharePoint module, you can easily work with your documents in SharePoint. The Congeria module enables working with the cloud solution Congeria in Chaos Desktop.


CAD Module

Chaos Desktop CAD module makes the work towards AutoCAD, Microstation and Revit more efficient. Metadata from Chaos Desktop can be used to create drawing stamps. Batch plot to AutoCAD makes it easy to combine plot with other functions, for example to freeze layers.


SharePoint Module

Chaos Desktop offers a connection to SharePoint that makes the workflow between documentation management and project management both easy and flexible. You may do the following:

  • Check out and check in documents on SharePoint from Chaos Desktop.
  • Copy documents with meta data between your local projects and SharePoint libraries.
  • The connection provides full support for different versions where the new ones are created automatically in Chaos Desktop according to the selected setting in SharePoint.
  • Using the synchronization feature, you can easily download the project configuration from SharePoint to a local project on your computer.
  • Chaos Desktop also includes a wizard to create projects in SharePoint, where site, document libraries, content types and columns are generated. Columns (meta data types) that is created in SharePoint has the same characteristics as in Chaos Desktop.
  • Connect optional meta data to the corresponding columns in SharePoint.

Congeria Module

Congeria is the web solution for document management from Adtollo. Chaos Desktop offers a connection to Congeria that enables working in the cloud solution Congeria.

Configure Congeria and start working with projects, meta data and document types in the cloud. There are functions available for check out/in and document versioning. Choose between working with documents in Chaos Desktop and upload documents to Congeria, or the other option, work with documents at the Congeria web site.

Congeria is today only available in Swedish language.



The Chaos Desktop ProjectWise module allows for effortless uploading and downloading of documents with metadata.

Within the module, you can:

  • Connect to ProjectWise
  • Upload/Download documents with metadata
  • Download folder structures including documents
  • Utilize global configuration

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