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Version News Topocad

News in Topocad (2024-06-10)

• New function that shows a warning when saving if the new file is smaller than 50% of the old one.
• The search function in the point code table now also searches in the active tab.
• Grid now displays a combobox button on the cells that are of the combobox type.
• New option for number of decimal places in grid cells, specifying that the number should be taken from system/project settings.
• Ability to specify the color of the crosshair under System Settings/Display/Settings for crosshairs.
• Possibility to search the point code description in boxes to select a point code.

• Ability to plot slopes with the command to label.
• Possibility to select objects with polygon/line in 3D in selected UCS.
• Ability to select a polygon entity in the fill area command.
• Ability to choose not to overwrite empty values in the command to copy attributes.
• Ability to select a polygon entity in the command to show area.
• Ability to use closed lines in the command to interpolate heights.
• Ability to right-click an object (DTM, road line, geometry and point cloud) and open them as a new document.
• Ability to right-click on selected objects and export them to a new drawing.
• Ability to right-click on selected objects and export them to a new coordinate file (lines, points, symbols and circles only).
• Ability to undo in command to trace line.
• Ability to specify more than one WMS on a drawing view in the drawing sheet.
• Error message is now displayed if reference to raster is missing.
• The default drawing’s drawing settings are no longer used, but the new drawing receives settings from the system settings instead.
• When creating a new drawing in the command to cut, the same zoom mode as the original drawing is now set.
• Fix: Cut tool did not work on lines with a shape style.
• Fix: When selecting with intersecting windows, the crosshairs could disappear in DirectX.
• Fix: Attribute lists were not updated correctly.
• Fix: Drawings with groups in them could not be imported into a new drawing.
• Fix: The command to cut did not work if you cut with several objects at the same time to a new drawing.
• Fix: When using different point codes with different line color in a line, the line could be drawn incorrectly in DirectX.
• Fix: Better error handling of external references that cannot be opened.
• Fix: Printing could be mirrored in some cases.
• Fix: When printing with rotation, the printout could become blank.
• Fix: Sometimes no rendering occurred when a drawing was opened with an active drawing sheet with 3D view.

• The command symbol for line now shows a polygon instead if you have checked ”create polygon”.

• New overview view.
• New report for statistics.
• The document is now validated before it is saved if you checked the check data in documents in the system settings.
• Ability to show color scale if using thermal colors or gradient color.
• Option to select triangles with polygon/line in 3D.
• Optimization of the function Add slope.

ArcGIS Pro
• Fix: Saving new/modified items only was not working correctly.
• Fix: Attributes of type domain list could not be specified unless the subtype was set first.

Calculated sections
• Several changes to the Insert Sections command.

Profile form
• Fix: Dialogues could disappear.

Point cloud
• Fix: The program crashed if the grid filter was used with a polygon.
• Fix: Toolbox memory allocations were not freed correctly.
• Fix: Better error handling of external references that cannot be opened.

• New threshold value for the minimum number of face measurements then calcuation reduced values.
• Support for ”sideshot” leveling data when importing from Leica Hexagon LandXML (*.xml).
• Fix: When importing data from Trimble Job XML (*.jxl), control codes were interpreted as point codes if spaces were used as delimiters.
• Fix: When calculating survey data, the last point on the station could be calculated without height.

• New threshold values for given test levels.
• New method for finding errors in known coordinates with great accuracy even in long networks.
• If you selected ”Given test level” for the calculation of standardized improvements (sigma levels), the adjustment now automatically takes the centering errors into the calculation.

• Geometric representation of road lines is exported to IFC (*.ifc).

News in Topocad (2024-04-04)

• New function to download and install update of the program.
• Ability to open files from mail via drag and drop.
• New library for shape styles on polylines.
• The report window (FastReport) could end up on a screen that was no longer available.
• Improved migration functionality.
• The document tab’s tooltip now shows the document’s path.
• The document tab’s tooltip now shows the document’s path.
• Tooltip is now displayed in fields where the entire text does not fit.
• New look of the color picker with more default colors and the ability to choose a color from the screen.

• New function to render the drawing as a wireframe, without linetypes, lineweights, fill patterns, surfaces and rasters.
• New property on polylines to specify that the polyline should have a shape (pipe, beam, sweep with symbol or extrusion).
• New property on polylines to be able to name a polyline.
• New function to simplify lines (Douglas-Peucker).
• New options in the Cut function to keep fill pattern and cut to a new drawing.
• Zoom All now zooms in on the current selection.
• Functions to create circle, mirror, trace line, fellet, extend, extend to, create offset and dimensions now work in current UCS.
• Create UCS from entity uses camera position and orientation when choosing axes.
• The polyline input window now takes into account that CTRL is the pressed for 2D snapping.
• The feature to minimize the layer manager is back.
• The layer list in the function to create layers from attribute values is now sorted and it is possible to search the attributes.
• Ability to specify which colors that should be transparent on a raster.
• Ability to specify which colors that should be transparent on a WMS.
• Ability to move rows (points in a line) in edit as text with drag and drop.
• Ability to select multiple lines in the command to interpolate heights.
• Option to select the current view if you have orbit mode enabled when inserting sheets.
• Possibility to create a view from the current model view if you have orbit mode enabled.
• Ability to insert a section from the section view toolbox.
• Fix: Points with a label (attribute printed in the drawing) and text style could become unselectable in some cases.
• Fix: Selection filter Equals did not work correctly for closed and circular arc selections.
• Fix: Improved WMS handling.
• Fix: The drawing could end up upside down when rotating in orbit mode.
• Fix: The Cut command had problems with closed lines.
• Fix: Selection of symbols with solids in them did not work correctly.
• Fix: Printing of undisplayed drawing sheets could be printed incorrectly.
• Fix: Selected window when printing was not saved.
• Fix: When printing to CutePDF, images were greyed out.
• Fix: Drawing raster with flatshading did not work in OpenGL.
• Fix: Edit raster command could not create image if raster was inserted as reference.
• Fix: Edit raster command could create faulty tfw-files (*.tfw).

• Ability to use polygon objects when creating a terrain model.
• Ability to use polygon objects when extracting terrain model.
• Ability to specify fill and triangle color on DTM objects by object.

Point cloud
• Fix: Cluster filter function sometimes created an incorrect index.

Section template
• New command to deploy conduit trench.
• Support for sharpening.
• New ways to connect a point to a layer.
• New handling of margins in Sewage trench with pipe quick template.
• Area definitions are stored in a more stable manner.
• Test template function displays rock, soil and fill area.
• Areas command renamed to Quantities.
• New handling of standar quantities. Fill, soil, and rock quantities can be edited as a custom quantity.
• Quantities window no longer locks the view. Selected quantity is displayed in the view, and there are new functions for creating quantities.
• Support for unit height in custom quantities.
• Support for 3d-length in custom quantities.
• Custom quantities can be set to ignore section objects.
• Option to lower rock model to soil height where rock is above soil.
• Option to cut section object from soil and rock quantities removed.
• Copyt layer switches references to fill, soil, and rock terrace to calculated terrace.
• Fix: Undo/Redo did not work for certain operations.

Profile form
• Default color changed from red to black.

• Support for creating instruments directly when importing measurement data.
• Ability to move rows in grids with drag and drop.
• Improved function to import data from Trimble JobXML (*.jxl) (pressure, temp and support multiple point codes).
• Calculation function for creating pipes can now create polylines with shape instead of solids.

• Support for WMS in the graphics.
• New command with report to test network controllability.
• Ability to move rows in grid with drag and drop.
• New symbol for bearing in the graphics.
• Fix: Display of standardized residuals and individual k-numbers in the graphics could be drawn in the wrong color.
• Fix: Selected coordinate system was not displayed when selecting Free adjustment, projected lengths.

• When exporting from the drawing without any selection, everything is included, even layers that cannot be marked (show only and read only). Frozen and non visible layers are exported if the format supports it (*.dwg/*.dxf)).
• Option to choose whether drawing sheets should be exported to AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf).
• Support for polyline names when importing from Geo (*.geo).
• Improved import of terrain models from from Geo (*.trm).
• New export to ifc (*.ifc).
• Improved import from ifc (*.ifc).
• When dragging and dropping files from AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf) the import dialog is now displayed.
• Support for object rotated property positions and display of line slopes when exporting to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf).
• Support for circles when importing/exporting to Geo files (*.geo).
• LAS import (*.las) filters some invalid points.
• Fix: Symbol names must not end with spaces when exporting to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf).
• Fix: When exporting to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf), symbols in linetypes from AutoCAD could be rotated incorrectly.
• Fix: When exporting to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf) symbols could be scaled incorrectly.
• Fix: Import of E57 (*.e57) could crash.

ArcGIS Pro
• Support for reading Annotations.
• Support for circle entities.
• Improved feature for saving items.

News in Topocad (2023-11-10)

• Fix: Better support for different variants of URLs in WMS services.
• Fix: The function to cut in the drawing put the wrong color on filled surfaces.
• Fix: The function to cut in the drawing could put the wrong layers on objects.
• Fix: The function to cut in the drawing can now cut in all layers, even those that are read-only, view-only, frozen or not visible (requires active user selection).
• Fix: The drawing scale did not affect point information on polylines if scale dependent texts were not checked.
• Fix: When printing, points with complex line type did not always show up on the printout.
• Fix: Transparency did not always work correctly on rasters.
• Fix: Command shortcuts could be activated when entering text in dialogs.
• Fix: Newly created layers were not always displayed in the layer manager.
• Fix: Improved functionality for calculating overlaped measured points.
ArcGIS Pro
• Support for circular arcs.
• Fix: Improved features for saving against versioned databases.
• Support for theming with intervals in the layer manager (NOTE! Not saved in the drawing yet which means the map has to be loaded from database for it to work).
• Fix: Color, line type, linewight and fill color were only set to by layer if there was a theme active.
• The row inspector dialog is now smaller and is easier to dock horizontally in the program.
• Fix: When importing GNSS data from Hexagon LandXML (*.xml), empty GNSS coordinates could be imported.
• Correction: When importing survey data from Hexagon LandXML (*.xml), empty stations could be imported.
• Fix: When exporting to GeoJSON (*.geojson), filled lines were exported as polygons.

News in Topocad (2023-10-05)

• Option to specify which file should be used for horizontal and vertical coordinate systems.
• New shortcut to create new drawing: Ctrl+F2.
• New shortcut for creating building symbols: Ctrl+Shift+B.
• New shortcut to create coordinate cross: Alt + H.
• New shortcut command for show section view: Shift + 3.
• New shortcut for cutting in the drawing: Alt + K.
• New shortcut to interpolate slope: Ctrl + I.
• New shortcut for copying attributes: Shift + 0.
• New shortcut to export to EspaCity: Shift + J.
• Settings for point information reverted to the old look.
• Ability to search for layers in a layer collection.
• Improved performance when drawing drawing sheets.
• New shortcut commands to change mode in command to draw and modify line.
• Fix: When using WMS, zooming could not be done correctly.
• Fix: Filled surfaces could be drawn below the WMS if the drawing setting ”Always draw filled surfaces first” was used and the WMS was transformed.
• Fix: Filled surfaces were printed incorrectly with GDI.
• Fix: Setting to show cursor height in status bar could cause a program crash.
• Fix: Rendering of triangle models with extreme height/width ratios could take a very long time.
• Fix: Drawing geometry objects could crash if multithreading was turned on.
• Fix: The Insert Sections command could skip sections if they were too close together.
• Fix: WMTS services that did not use the same URL to retrieve tiles as to retrieve capabilities did not work.
• Fix: The symbol editor caused the program to crash if the symbol contained text styles.
• Height map support for tiff images (*.tiff) in 64-bit resolution.
• New shortcut for orthographic ortho: 5
• Last used settings in the Add slope command are filled in automatically.
Point cloud
• Height map support for tiff images (*.tiff) in 64-bit resolution.
ArcGIS Pro
• Support for domain value lists without subtype.
• Support for domain values with min/max value.
• New method for gross error adjustment.
• New setting to adjust for meridian convergence.
• Support for geoid models from ISG (*.isg).
• Performance improvement, faster calculation.
• More robust calculation ie can produce results in situations where it was not possible before.
• Support for double measured data from Trimble DiNi (*.dat).
• Support for leveling data from Hexagon LandXML (*.xml).
• Four decimal places are now standard in the balance data for lengths and heights.
• Better support for importing PLM files (*.plm).
• When reducing measurement data, the tab with measurements is now automatically selected in the new document.
• When importing measurement data, it is now possible to continue importing even if the data is not completely correct.
• When calculating measurement data, it is now possible to choose not to use backsight objects that lack known coordinates.
• When creating instruments, you can now use more predefined instruments from the respective manufacturers to get the right atmospheric corrections.
• Ability to search for attributes when creating a macro.
• Line code support when importing geo files (*.geo).
• Support for attributes from lists when importing geo files (*.geo) (assumes that the attribute lists are predefined in Topocad).
• Support for new classes when importing from IFC 4.3. Roads are imported as geometry and roadline objects.
• Saved default values of settings when exporting DTM (*.dtm) to dwg (*.dwg).
• Fix: Scale bar and north arrow could be exported in the wrong colors when exporting to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf).
Calculated Sections
• Points connected to the terrain layer extrapolate the height from the terrain layer.
• Fix: Terrain layer (soil and rock), interpolates the height of parts not covered by the model, but which lie between known heights. This interpolation is no longer done if the known part is outside the display limit and the user has chosen not to use these parts in the calculation.
• Fix: Section segments that follow terrain models (eg rock shelf) included incorrect elevations outside the model.
• Fix: Terrain layers based on point clouds used too small a range of points when generating the layer if sloped sections were used and the slope was steep.
Profile form
• Minor correction of the dialog for inserting symbols.
• Fix: Prevented crashes for some components.
• Fix: The offset value of the balancing tool was scaled incorrectly.
• Fix: Sorting by point ID, color and point code did not work in grid.
• Support for username and password for WMTS.
• Heights are now interpolated in the command to add points to line.
• When inserting raster, the drawing is now regenerated if the layer level of the raster is below another layer (so that it ends up at the bottom).
• New shortcut to create rectangles: Shift+4.
• Fix: When using WMS/WMTS in the drawing sheet, the program hung (multithreaded).
• Fix: If you had an external reference open also as a drawing, the drawing was affected by changes in the external reference (eg layer color).
• Fix: The transformation report lacked support for unitary transformation.
• Fix: The command to create parallel line did not work if the line was horizontal or vertical.
• Fix: Edit as text is now not automatically hidden if you have search and modify active.
• Fix: Miter limit was not used in command to create a buffer.
• Fix: Show/hide text didn’t work (multithreaded).
• Fix: Layer level didn’t work if you had a WMS enabled (multithreaded).
• Fix: When using very large radii on small line segments, the area could be calculated incorrectly.
• Fix: Raster images are now treated as filled surfaces, which causes them to be drawn below other non-filled objects if you use the drawing setting ”Always draw filled surfaces first”.
• Fix: Pressing Enter in legend editor could clear the component view.
• Fix: Area component in legend editor did not support Autocad fill styles.
• Fix: Data were not always transfered when setting description from attribute in Legend editor Coordinate list.

News in Topocad (2023-06-21)

• Fix: Sorting on integer columns did not work.
• Fix: External references did not show selected color and transparency (multithreaded).
• Fix: Layers with zoom level were not redrawn correctly.
• Fix: With/without scale had been swapped on helmert and affine transformation.
• Fix: The program could hang when regenerating a drawing if the drawing was also open as an external reference (multithreaded).
• Fix: The program could hang when drawing external references in drawing sheets (multithreaded).
• Fix: Polygon selection was reset when zooming.
• Fix: Shortcuts could stop working.

News in Topocad (2023-06-16)

• New module to read/write against ArcGIS Pro.
• Improved performance when sorting in grids.
• Fix: Problems with the program being able to display black icons, blank dialogs, display error message like ”Encountered an improper argument” fixed.
• Improved performance when regenerating drawing.
• Improved performance when printing.
• Improved performance in the layer manager.
• New command to add new or existing points to a line or polygon.
• New feature to continue a line in the draw line command.
• New property on lines to display slopes on line segments.
• Snap buttons added to status bar.
• Updated function to trace lines.
• Improved zoom function when creating midpoints in command to check objects.
• Ability to specify slope instead of height in command to edit a polyline.
• Ability to select unitary transformation in the transform object command to do a scaleless transformation.
• Ability to choose to create symbol in the same layer as the point in the command to convert points to symbols.
• Ability to snap to points when inserting a raster.
• Option to specify DPI when printing to Lager PDF.
• Option to filter on attribute value in the filter function.
• Option to turn off the display of height in the coordinate window under System settings/Display.
• Possibility to update the height of points and save section and offset in attributes in the Section/offset command.
• Less choppy camera handling in OpenGL.
• Fix: Explode point info didn’t work for empty symbols.
• Fix: Printing with rotated window had problems with colors in raster objects.
• Fix: Raster objects were not drawn under certain circumstances.
• Fix: Solid macros were not loading correctly.
• Updated import of files from MapInfo (*.tab).
• Support for the multipatch object type when importing/exporting ESRI Shape (*.shp).
• Faster import of IFC files (*.ifc).
• Fix: Importing some IFC files (*.ifc) could crash the program.
Terrain model
• Option to select triangles in the model with polygon or window (intersecting or inside).
• More options for smoothness in contour command.
• Fix: Possibility to create report from Heights from DTM had been removed.
• Option to choose not to import station averages from Trimble JobXML (*.jxl).
• Fix: PrintfPC was used instead of HeXMLPc when importing from Leica 1200/VIVA to the drawing.
• Improved performance when loading data.
• Improved performance when changing geographic area.
Grid equalization
• Prism constant is now included as information.
• New columns to show difference between known and calculated coordinate in point tab.
• Command to show a section view in a drawing now uses orthographic orbit instead of orbit.
• Fix: Calculation of custom tunnel layer could crash if there were duplicates in the point cloud.
• Possibility to limit the volumes with two-dimensional polygons in the Multicalculation function.

News in Topocad (2023-03-31)

• Improved offset command when creating sharp corners.
• Fix: Printing with bitmap included print marker.
• Fix: Fixed error when exporting rotated images to Layer PDF.
• Fix: Empty texts caused incorrect drawing of Legend.
• Fix: Snap and selection of terrain models and raster images did not work in some cases.
• Fix: Window was not redrawns when objects were deselected.
• Fix: Section View included invisible triangles when profile was inserted.
• Fix: Height from DTM command had an option to create report even though no report was available.
Calculated sections
• Better handling of sharp corners in roadline when creating lines.
• Fix: Multi volume calculation reminds user to select folder if creating TCS or Profile form and to project is active.
Point cloud
• Better memory handling when importing and exporting *.pxy and *.xyz.

News in Topocad (2023-03-03)

• Option to choose not to use project settings.
• New attribute presets tilt, tilt direction, timestamp and antenna height.
• Ability to add attribute groups to point codes.
• The application no longer tries to save read only system files.
• Improved function to select project folder.
• New function to be able to see a section view of the drawing.
• New function for cutting objects with a line.
• Ability to open drawing sheets in separate window.
• Ability to specify a tolerance for known points in the command to interpolate slopes on a line.
• Ability to search in all lists (current layer, current line type, current color, etc.) in the ribbon menu.
• Ability to select multiple cutting objects and layers to be cut in the command to cut.
• Option to break selected line in the break command.
• Improved functionality to filter objects by color.
• Improved function to be able to copy heights from attributes.
• Improved display of selected entity in command to edit line.
• Improved legend editor.
• Fix: Scale dependent texts did not work correctly.
• Fix: Fill patterns could be drawn incorrectly.
• Fix: Command to create parallel lines did not always copy the attributes.
• Fix: The function to select objects with crossing line did not work.
• Fix: External references were displayed in wrong color when selecting color 7 and black/gray background was used.
• Fix: Shortcut for filter ”Equal” was missing.
• Fix: Polygons created with a macro were always created in the current layer.
• New function to extract outer lines, measured lines and contour lines to lines in the drawing from a terrain model.
• Faster snapping and selection of terrain models.
Point cloud
• Import of e57-files (*.e57) supported.
• Fix: Point clouds were not drawn correctly in drawing sheets.
Section template
• New default values for slopes.
• New control code (Offset) to be able to add length, offset in side and offset in height to a measurement.
• Support for Leica’s offset function when importing data from HexagonLandXML (*.xml).
• Support for attributes from Trimble JobXML (*.jxl) located on the Description1 and Description2 fields.
• Support for measurement timestamp on survey data, coordinates, GNSS vectors and GNSS coordinates.
• Fix: When importing HexagonLandXML (*.xml), ID and code were not included on lines.
• Fix: Check points were added to the excess of threshold report.
• Fix: Problem with blue screen when calculating fixed.
Net Adjustment
• Option to open the graphics tab in a separate window.
• Enabled 3D in the graphics window.
• Option to specify that instruments should be taken from station when importing survey data (*.sur).
• Support for including detail points from leveling when importing survey data (*.sur).
• Fix: Problem with blue screen when calculating fixed.
• Improved import of KML files (*.kml).

News in Topocad (2022-12-09)

• Fix: Updated functionality regarding license requests.
• Fix: AutoCAD fill styles could be drawn incorrectly.

News in Topocad (2022-11-10)

• Fix: Updated functionality regarding license requests.
• Fix: Drawings saved for Topocad 21 could not be opened in Topocad 21.
• Fix: WMS services could be drawn in the wrong order.
• Fix: Mathematical expressions could not be used for height in the command to draw line.
Profile form
• Fix: Profile was invisible in new profile forms.
Section template
• Fix: Theoretical layer was invisible if using black background.

News in Topocad (2022-10-04)

• Updated license manager.
• Improved search function in combo boxes.
• Fix: Switching rows in various tables could cause incorrect zooming.
• Fix: Offset command could create self intersections between parallel line segments.
Calculated sections
• Fix: Rock area was doubled if no unit height was used.
• Fix: Export to Adobe 3D PDF (*.pdf) didn’t work.
• Improved import from Topcon MaXML (*.mxl).
• Improved import from Trimble JobXML (*.jxl).

News in Topocad (2022-09-16)

• Fix: Improved function to create parallel lines.
• Fix: Format file when importing from Leica 1200/VIVA to survey data can no longer be specified.
• Fix: When importing from Leica 1200/VIVA directly to drawing, PrintfPC is now used instead of HeXMLPC.
• Fix: Calculation function to create horizontally 3D pipe did not put the solid in the layer that the code specified.
• Fix: Control code to create circle from 3 points applied no height to the circle instead of taking the height from the first point.
• Fix: The measurement series could be incorrect when importing survey data.
• Fix: Dtm import from LandXML (*.xml) could create multiple copies of a line.

News in Topocad (2022-09-02)

• Fix: Documents with a dot in the file name (in addition to the dot in the file extension) could be given the wrong title.
• Create cross sections command in drawing view supports point clouds.
• Fix: Cursor is drawn in OpenGL the same way as in DirectX.
• Fix: Switching rows in Edit as text could cause view to zoom out.
• Create DTM command can show areas where created DTM structure is corrupt.
• Merge DTM command in DTM view has same options as corresponding command in drawing view.
• DTM display settings can be saved as default values for new models.
Calculated sections
• Default value for sideline height is relative main profile.
• Added option to view sidelines in calculated sections.
• Fix: Improved calculation of area polygons.
Profile form
• Tangent points component has better handling of cases where multiple components have nodes at the same section.
• Export of DTM to LandXML (*.xml) sets surface name to ”DTM” if name is blank.
• Several improvements of DTM to LandXML (*.xml) import. Surfaces can be imported directly to drawing. Line end points were not always imported. Parcel-nodes are imported. Surfaces which have no triangles, but have lines, are imported.
• Possible to set attribut values to diameter, width, and height on objects imported from IFC (*.ifc).
• Geomtery files (*.l3d) can be imported to geometry files (*.tgf).
• Support for mesh objects (DTM, raster and solid) to AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf).
• Support for mesh objects to raster from AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf).
• Support for object transparency from/to AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf).

News in Topocad (2022-08-17)

• Fix: Transformations made with Proj 9.0 (eg WMS and WMTS) could be incorrect as no consideration was given to the fact that the coordinate system axes could change order.
• Fix: Linetypes were not drawn correctly on polygons if the drawing scale was changed.
• Fix: Program would crash if there were to many nodes in the roadline.
• Fix: Program would crash if there were to many nodes in the profile.
• Fix: When exporting to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf), the scale factor of the drawing was not used for line types from AutoCAD (LT scale).

News in Topocad (2022-07-14)

• Fix: The height offset didn’t work in the command to create a parallel line.
• Fix: Transformations of entities that belonged to more than one group were made incorrectly.
• Fix: Removing all external references caused the application to crash.

News in Topocad (2022-06-13)

• Option to use gray background in CAD views.
• New command to zoom to selected entities
• New command for 2D/3D transformations with proj 9.0.
• Improved algorithm to create offsets with option to create round corners.
• New option in the offset command to union the created buffer with the previous buffer.
• New option in the command to create polygons to create individual polygons.
• Possible to create a macro of the command to create rectangles.
• The setting to display empty layers is now saved with the drawing.
• Layer transparency is now applied to new symbols inserted into the drawing.
• Possible to apply transparency to texts and legends.
• Possible to apply background color to legend.
• Fix: The AutoCAD fill parameters (scale, angle and double) were not copied correctly.
• Fix: The current lineweight was not saved with the drawing.
• Fix: The command to remove a license had the same command ID as the layer manager.
• Fix: Undo/redo didn’t work in the command to modify the legend.
• Fix: Error message when reading tiff files (*.tif) removed.
• Fix: Lineweight by layer could not be selected when creating a macro.
• Fix: Hidden entities could be rendered when using object focus in OpenGL.
• Support to use raster objects as terrain models to make it easier to use tiff files as height data.
• Improved import of GNSS data from Leica HexagonXML (*.xml).
• Improved calculation of the function to create piles.
• Fix: The atmosphere correction should not change when changing coordinate system.
• Fix: The polygon point search functionallity didn’t work when using several polygon point files of the same type.
• Possible to trim roadlines with the command to trim entities.
Section templates
• New function to reset quick templats to default values.
Calculated section
• Side line default values for height and side offset are included from the section template to the calculated sections.
• Side line error messages now include the name of the side line.
• The calulation settings is now saved.
Point Cloud
• Possible to import height data from a tiff (*.tif) to a point cloud.
• The export to LandXML (*.xml) updated.
• Option to create profile when exporting lines to LandXML (*.xml).
• Last used export format to LandXML (*.xml) is now saved.
• Support for crossfall data to LandXML (*.xml) added.
• Fix: When exporting DTM to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf) the wrong fill color was used.
Net Adjustment
• Fix: The origin was not included when importing levelling data from a survey.

News in Topocad (2022-04-10)

• New license manager.
• Possible to import and export keychain.
• Commands can be added to custom category by right clicking their icons.
• Improved preview of text styles in combo boxes.
• Fix: Filter function in combo boxes did not always use the selected filter.
• Offset command can create offset between start and end point.
• Offset command can create a buffer by connecting offset to original line.
• Possible to lock length and angle in cursor inputs by pressing ALT.
• Possible to freeze layers in external references.
• Possible to set transparency on layers.
• Possible to set transparency on external references.
• Created layers can be automatically selected as current.
• Possible to set text style on dimension objects and dimension styles.
• Possible to set offset in Trace line command.
• Possible to visualize current angle when drawing line.
• Possible to activate the Similar (type) selection filter by pressing CTRL + <.
• Possible to get description from attribute in coordinate and area list in legend.
• Possible to set symbol color automatically in symbol list in legend.
• Possible to delete a row in legend editor by selecting the row in the drawing view and pressing delete.
• Changes in legend editor are saved to drawing automatically.
• New description column in legend area list.
• Possible to set source sheet in legend editor. The source sheet is used when automatically selecting symbols, linetypes etc.
• Possible to set print quality when printing without GDI.
• New function: Copy WKT-string. Works for points, lines, and polygons.
• Fix: Objects moved to an invisible layer were not hidden.
• Fix: Copy and paste between drawings did not work with linetypes using AutoCAD-shapes.
• Fix: Adjusted GUI in legend editor to make room for more text.
• Fix: A low value for raster quality could cause reduced quality of printed image when printing without GDI.
• Fix: Solid white dimension arrows were not printed when using black background and printing with GDI.
• Fix: Copy and paste did not work on legend objects.
• Fix: Improved Surface check.
• Fix: GDI printing used incorrect lineweight in some cases.
• Fix: Add node point function could crash in rare circumstances.
• Fix: It was not possible to set font in legend coordinate list.
• Improved handling of macros. Possible to create macro from current command.
• Macros can be created from the following create commands: create boundary polygon, polygon, point, polyline, text, offset, building symbol, solid, and the following commands: move, set attribute, sweep (solid), fill area, insert symbol, and union.
• Fix: Attribute was not saved for create boundary polygon macro.
• Better support for GNSS-surveys with leaning pole (tilt) from Leica HexagonXML (*.xml) and Trimble JOBFile (*.jxl).
• Better handling of known stations with multiple backsights. Setting for calculating mean value if station has multiple backsights is activated as default.
• Fix: Improved report for known station with multiple backsights.
Net adjustment
• Possible to select multiple observations at once in view.
• Possible to calculate selected observations only.
• Possible to save known points.
• New report for length test using older (version 20 and earlier) calculation of threshold (HMK1996).
• Support for grouped objects in import/export of AutoCAD files (*.dwg/*.dxf).
• Support for UCS in AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf) import.
• Support for coordinate systems in import/export of MapInfo files (*.mif, *.tab).
• Possible to import heightmap from tif (*.tiff) to point cloud (*.tpc).
• Fix: Files exported to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf) were marked with the student watermark.
• Fix: Leader dimensions were exported to AutoCAD (*.dwg/*.dxf) with incorrect row spacing.
• Fix: Exporting pointcloud to pointcloud (*.tpc) did not work.
• Added option to display section, pointid, and radius of roadlines.
• Fix: Marker was not tilted to match profile in Track roadline command.
Section template
• New quick template for railroads.
• New parameters for margins in Sewage trench with pipes quick template.
• All quick templates save last used parameters. Parameters are saved locally in tst-file and globally for new files.
• Section objects with 2D-symbols can cut areas if symbol contains a single closed contour.
• Fix: Copy layer function in section templates did not redraw section if default color was used.
• Fix: Theoretical layer was hidden when selected if template was not created with same background color as current background color.
Calculated sections
• Support for leaning cross sections. Section template is tilted to be perpendicular to profile in each calculated section.
• Section objects are included in Insert sections command.
• Selected columns in report settings are automatically selected in report view.
• New report with one value per section (Volume/Area). New report is Standard, previous report is renamed to to Advanced.
• Modified column headers in report.
• Fix: Sidelines were not included when delivering calculated sections (*.tcs).
• Fix: Some commands could create invalid lines with only one point.
• Fix: Update dtm command no longer breaks lines.
• Fix: Fixed issues in Slew/Lift report.
• New reports for Slew/Lift (without PointId), Roadline, Profile and Coordinates.

News in Topocad (2021-10-21)

• Fix: Legend editor could miss linetypes when pressing Add all visible.
• Improved import of Leica HexagonXML (*.xml).
Profile form
• Fix: Complex linetypes were not drawn.
Point cloud
• Faster cluster filter function.
• Fix: Point cloud 3d view did not check setting for inverting zoom direction.

News in Topocad (2021-10-13)

• Improved import of data from Leica HexagonXML (*.xml).

News in Topocad (2021-10-11)

• Added option to slide out activated hidden panes.
• Added option that program should prompt to save system files when closing program.
• Added option to fetch description from attribute in symol and linetype list in legend editor.
• Added support for dynamic zoom level dependent loading of ECW-files.
• Enabled snap to columns in legend.
• Fix: Fill color was not saved if set to custom color.
• Fix: Number of decimals in preset values did not match the number of decimals set for the attribute.
• Fix: Text could be drawn with incorrect thickness.
• Fix: Legend editor did not reset dialog when deleting component.
• Fix: Legend editor did not handle resizing correctly.
• Fix: Legend editor could draw frame and grid with wrong color and linetype.
• Superelevation is included when exporting calculated sections (*.tcs) to LandXML (*.xml).
• Updated export of RR Stringline Layer to LandXML.
• Fix: Grouped objects were not handled correctly when importing drawing (*.topx) to drawing (*.topx).
• Fix: Incorrect prj-metadata (*.prj) were used when exporting to ESRI Shape (*.shp).
• Fix: Import of GeoJSON (*.geojson) did not use the coordinate system from the file but assumed the data were in WGS 84.
• Fix: Invisible triangles are no longer exported to LandXML (*.xml).
• Multi DTM volume command adds area component to profile form.
• Updated formatting of text output from Multi DTM volume command.
• Fix: Fracturing function in Multi DTM volume command created one level to few.
• Fix: Geometry objects with length tables could be drawn incorrectly.
• Fix: Roadlines with only one node were read incorrectly.
Profile form
• New functions in component Roadline corridor Profile.
• Filled area component is now drawn in profile form.
• Added option to hide negative areas in Area component.
• Fix: Roadline Corridor Plane only worked if start section was 0.
Section template
• Fix: File could be corrupted if a point next to an intersection was deleted.
• Fix: Some tool boxes that should be hidden were sometimes shown.
Point cloud
• New function to filter noise with cluster analysis.
• Improved import of data from Leica HexagonXML (*.xml).
• Fix: Only one page was created in Slew/Lift report.
• Possible to copy, cut and paste control codes in grid.

News in Topocad (2021-06-17)

• Added option to prompt user to save system files before shutting down.
• Fix: The legend command didn’t work.
• Fix: The command to extend a line would in some cases extend the line in the wrong direction.
• Fix: Rendering of the drawing stopped working if the grid was turned off.

News in Topocad (2021-06-11)

• Possible to unzip delivery (*.zip).
• Added option to auto hide docked commands and tool boxes.
• Possible to choose which tools that should be active when a new drawing is opened.
• Possible to edit property texts in a separate window.
• Improved function for creating building symbols.
• Possible to find self interesting objects in check objects command.
• Possible to select which scales should be preset when inserting drawing sheets.
• Possible to change object drawing order in symbol editor.
• Possible to add frame to legend.
• Legend editor shows a blank component when no component has been inserted.
• Thick linetypes are no longer drawn outside of box.
• Possible to set area name from attribute value in legend area list.
• Possible to exclude certain symbols and linetypes from automatic selection in legend editor.
• Automatic selection of linetypes in legend now only checks visible line objects. Previous versions checked all object types.
• Fix: Continuous linetype should have ”by linetype” as default legend color.
• Fix: Default coordinate list header height was not read in legend editor.
• Fix: Manually added linetypes with color set to ”by linetype” were drawn with wrong color.
• Fix: Saving to global library did not work in symbol editor.
• Fix: Vertical angles were not read correctly from version 1.3 of MAXML when importing from Topcon (*.xml).
• Fix: Prism heights were not read for all surveys when importing from Topcon (*.xml).
• Possible to create centre and side lines from created meshes when importing from IFC files (*.ifc).
• Possible to choose layers for created meshes and lines when importing IFC objects (*.ifc).
• Added support for more IFC classes when creating meshes (*.ifc).

News in Topocad (2021-03-25)

• Fix: Save as 20.0 did not work.
• Fix: Improved import of Topcon data (*.mxl)
• Fix: Surveys could change order when reducing face measurments.
Net adjustment
• Fix: Sets of angles could not be manually set to 0.
• Fix: Updated calculation of sets of angles when checking multiple measured heights/lengths.
Calculated sections
• Fix: Program could crasch when selecting new section if section lacked profile height.
• Fix: Attribute values containing quotation marks were not imported correctly from MapInfo (*.mif).
• Fix: Grouped lines were parsed incorrectly when importing from Shape (*.shp).
• Filter function in Las-import updated to support Las 1.4.

News in Topocad (2021-03-02)

• Multiple reports can be selected for printing.
• New functions for text styles which can be set on text objects (font, color, justify, background, min and max zoom etc).
• New dimension style for slopes.
• Slope can now be used as an height input when drawing polylines.
• Solid objects can be transformed.
• Updated legend command.
• New option in IFC-import (*.ifc).
• Support for transparent terrain models.
Point cloud
• Support for external references in point cloud view.
• Support for transparent point clouds.
• Import of LAS/LAZ 1.4.
Net adjustment
• Headers and reports updated to conform to GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement).
• Thresholds updated to conform to HMK2020.
• More detailed reports, including coordinate system and interval for individual K-values.
• Support for external references (drawings and images) in Graphics view.
• Double click on point or observation in Graphics view will switch to respective table.
• Points and observations are highlighted and tooltip is displayed when mouse is hovered over them.
• Deactivated measurements remain but are colored grey and can still be edited by clicking on them.
• Double clicking in a row in the result tab will switch to corresponding row in observation tab.
• First point of each station is drawn with bold font.
• New column with sets of angles (imported from survey file). This makes it possible to calculate correct mean error regardless of number of sets.
• Length and height differences which are calculated as average values now have their mean errors updated.
• Possible to save calculated coordinates in any file. Previous versions only saved to project PP file.
• Unknown coordinate system method can determine if scale difference is statistically reliable, and make a reliable calculation of scale factor.
• There are now two versions of Free adjustment method: ”Actual lengths” and ”Projected lengths”. The former uses real lengths and gives a net with no constraints and with real scales while the latter gives a net with no constraints in the scale of the choosen projection.
• Free adjustment is more flexible and no longer needs known points in order to calculate a net.
• Standardized residuals (sigma levels) can be calculated in four ways:
– Compared to the expected uncertainity of the measurement.
– Compared to the calculated uncertainity of the measurement.
– Pope´s test, which is useful when analyzing nets where the standard uncertainity of unit weight is far from 1.
– Custom test level, where weigths are calculated as usual from the instrument specification, but where the test level determines the standardized residuals.
• Thresholds are shown for all survey types when checking connection errors in graphics tab.
• Test of known points has more options and can determine if scale difference is significant without using external transformation functions.
• Standardized residuals (sigma) and individual controllability in the result tab are drawn red if they lay outside the tolerance.
• Face measurement reduction now sorts surveys and shows number of measurements in each set.
• Updated face measurement reduction report which now includes face difference and number of measurements.
• Flexible choice of back object when calculating weighted average value of orientation i nfree stations.
• Option to stop drawing from following movements in ESPA City.

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