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New Topocad 24 brings significant improvements for Surveying and Mapping Professionals


Adtollo launches Topocad 24, the latest version of our acclaimed software for CAD, mapping, and surveying calculations. In this new edition, we introduce a range of features and enhancements that further simplify and streamline workflows for surveying and mapping engineers all over the world.

What’s New in Topocad 24:

Pipeline Bed Creation: A sub-template for creating detailed pipeline trenches. Can now be easily inserted directly into the section template with a couple of button presses. The ability to use templates within templates saves users a very significant amount of time.

Improved Quantity Management: Topocad 24 provides users with better control over standard quantities like earthwork and rock excavation by compiling them into a list. This simplifies the editing process and gives users a better overview of project quantities.

Massive 3D CAD Improvements: We present an array of 3D CAD improvements in Topocad 24, with a focus on shape styles. It is now possible to apply 3D shapes to lines to create realistic object representations that retain the flexibility that comes with working with lines in our CAD.

We’ve also made it easier to work with CAD in multiple planes with features that enable easy connection of lines across different planes and dimensioning. An innovative button has been introduced to temporarily override the standard user-defined coordinate system (UCS), making it easy to switch back to other active planes, such as a wall.

New CAD tool “Simplify”: A “Simplify” button has been added, which simplifies lines and polygons like contour lines by removing points that have minimal impact on the geometry. Users set the threshold value, and the function calculates which points can be removed. This feature can be applied to the entire drawing in a single step.

New CAD tool “Align Text and Symbols Along Lines”: A new handy feature automatically aligns texts and symbols along lines, facilitating the presentation of information along, for example, roads or railways.

Updated “Cut Out”: Many of our users download maps from databases and end up with massive documents that are difficult to work with, for example, when creating a map product. The Cut Out feature has been updated to make it easier to cut out the desired section of the map without losing patterns on polygons and similar. The connection to the database is removed, allowing users to safely continue working in the map without risking saving anything to the database.

User-Friendly Color Palette and Pipette: In Topocad 24, users no longer must scroll through a long list to select a color. Instead, we have introduced a comprehensive color palette that retains Topocad’s basic colors and includes a range of requested pastel shades. A pipette tool has been added to easily select colors directly from the screen, such as from external images.

Net Adjustment with Controllability: In Topocad 24, users gain improved control over measurements through a new network adjustment function that calculates a control value to ensure the reliability of measurements according to the SIS standard.

IFC 4.3 Export: We can now deliver solid objects and surfaces in the new 4.3 iso standard.

Improved Slope Control: In the Edit as Text feature, there is now a column for slopes in lines. We have also improved the Interpolate Slopes feature, which can now handle many lines simultaneously and extrapolate slopes to the endpoints.

Topocad 24 has been developed through extensive work in close collaboration with our users in the civil engineering sector. We believe these updates will make a noticeable improvement in our users’ work.

For more information about Topocad 24, please contact us below.

About Adtollo

Adtollo is a Swedish company in the development of software for mapping, surveying, and CAD. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we continue to drive innovation and support professional users in their civil engineering work.


Joakim Svantesson, CEO.
Anja Jonasson, Press Officer.
Jakob Samani, Product Development Manager.
Emma Giertz, Product Sales/Demo Manager.

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