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    Topocad is a CAD system for measurement engineering calculations, map editing and a variety of specialized functions. Topocad is involved in community building with a wide range of different activities.

    A few advantages when using Topocad:

    • Topocad is a comprehensive 3D CAD system with modules for different types of work.

    • Topocad is a Swedish system built for conditions where development takes place in close contact with users.

    • Topocad handles a large amount of data format import/export and database connectivity.

    • Topocad uses a format that is compatible with both coordinate data, CAD-and GIS data.

    • Topocad has integration between different types of data vectors, raster, terrain models and point clouds.


    Topocad 16.1 launched and available for download!

    Topocad 16 is here! The development of Topocad 16 started early in the spring of 2014 and thousands of hours has been dedicated in order for the new version to be launched and ready for service. Topocad version 15 has taken a big step towards 3D and a graphical interface. Internally, we’ve made some adjustments in order to be able to create a 64 bits platform, build on MFC. Topocad version 16 follows the same path as its younger version on the same platform. The biggest change is aiming towards a 3D-era to be able to create and work with real 3D objects.

    Download Topocad 16 →

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  • Having all the data integrated and assembled in one place is worth a lot. It minimizes extra work and risk of misunderstandings.

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