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    A new country in need of new data – Topocad in Tajikistan

    “The layering structure in Topocad became very complex during this project, as there was so much interesting data. Some layers contain scanned older Soviet maps based on aerial photographs showing, for instance, collective farms and irrigation systems.”

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    “We wouldn’t manage without Topocad”

    Joakim Sköld, a survey technician at SVEAB, has used Topocad for almost four years. Topocad is one of his most important tools.

    SVEAB is a full service company that handles commissions of great variety. In one of their latest projects their assignment is to build a passage for pedestrians and cyclists under the railroad at the Central station in Uppsala, Sweden. This project is part of the Travel center Uppsala. The work began in February 2006 and is scheduled to finish in March 2010.

    – I use Topocad daily for volume calculation and control of quantities and areas, says Joakim Sköld.

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