• Network adjustment

    Topocad Network adjustment is a unique calculation module in the way that it does not make any difference between an advanced network adjustment and a simple free station. All setups are calculated just as good.

    The network adjustment calculation can use all kinds of observations in the same calculation. The idea is that it should be as simple as possible for you to use the calculation, that even ordinary calculations, which are not made for the network adjustment, can be calculated using this module to ensure the accuracy of the station establishment.

    If you are an advanced user of network adjustment you will be happy when you discover how easy it is to add different instruments, atmosphere corrections, weightings and also a’priori standard error of different observations.

    The result shows graphically in Topocad, with zooming on the observation that caused the greatest impact on the network. It is then possible for you to include, exclude or modify this observation interactively.

    In Topocad network adjustment there are a large number of tests and reports for different types of misidentification. There’s also a built-in simulation of networks where it is easy to add new points and measurements between them.


    • can be used for almost limitless number of points and observations
    • simple operation for enforcement of gross errors
    • adjustable 2D, 3D, or mix of 2D/3D
    • simulation
    • a large amount of debugging facilities
    • numerous reports of both net adjustments in plan and height


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