• Database adapter FDO

    Topocad FDO database adapter is a new and open source database connection, which connect to a large number of databases. It uses the open source FDO from Open Source GEO, which has been adapted to Topocad. Many users have expressed a demanded of a freestanding database. On account of this, Topocad has three different solutions of database connections, where this FDO connection can collect and store data from a large number of different databases.

    FDO database adapter is a separate module to Topocad, and makes it possible to access data from several different geospatial data sources in the state of geospatial databases and file formats. FDO uses a model based on database connections, where each connection supports a certain format or data source.

    Following database connections are used:

    • MySQL
    • PostGIS
    • Oracle (Oracle 10g, express, and 9i)
    • MS SQL Server Spatial
    • ESRI ArcSDE
    • SDF (Autodesk’s geospatial file format)
    • ESRI SHP
    • ODBC
    • WFS
    • WMS
    • GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) (Raster)
    • OGR (Vector format: shp, gml, dgn, kml, mapinfo etc.)
    • SQLite

    FDO means an increased accessibility to different databases, many of them free and Open Source, and it offers our customers a very cost-efficient and simple solution for collecting, update and store data in different formats. Topocad aims to be a program easy to handle, and with focus on creating simple functions for mapping in different databases, and simply states how the different types of object should be displayed in the maps. All this with a user-friendly administration tool for the maps.

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