• Field

    Topocad Field is an add-on module to Topocad Base module which makes it easy to connect your drawing to your GPS receiver and certain instruments. GPS information is being handled directly by Topocad. It reads almost all GPS receivers directly and also the NMEA format.

    It also converts and transforms data from WGS 84 to most other national projections. You can define the threshold value/tolerance for GPS information in the threshold list of Topocad. With the Topocad Field module, you have accessibility to maps and drawings and all CAD commands in Topocad. You may interpret points and lines, edit, add symbols, create DTM’s, calculate road line data, etc directly in the field.

    Topocad Field module has functions for survey of points and lines giving attributes and codes to them as well as functions for stake out, both in graphical mode and a numerical view for accurate stake out. Base lines and road lines can be used and calculated on the field for stake out and survey.