• Surveying

    Measurement in Topocad

    Topocad is a CAD system (Computer Aided Design) which in its structure is very close geographic information systems GIS. Topocad file contains data types from three different worlds – CAD, Coordinate files and GIS. In Topocad we have built a large number of features for managing land surveying engineering calculations regarding the map, measurement, and real estate.

    Measurements are calculated either directly to Topocad drawing document or via the data document. This document processes data from total stations, GPS / GNSS instruments and levellers. Communication is done directly to and from instruments and field books.

    It is entirely possible to combine GPS / GNSS measurements with measurements from total stations, use the back sights and / or station coordinates from a GPS and continue measuring with total station.

    Topocad code table will help you later to structure the data in different stocks, in different levels and groups for easy management. There are also various ways to describe the geometry of the field. You can code for points, lines, radius, splines, surfaces and three-dimensional objects directly in the field.

    Scanner Survey creates point clouds taken care of in Topocad point cloud module. Point clouds are used in combination with and instead of terrain models to create contour lines, calculate volumes and retrieve heights from.