• Laserscanning

    Topocad and laser scanning

    Laser scanning creates point cloud and these are read into the Topocad point cloud module. The formats LAS, ESRI ASCII Grid and generally ASCII (points) can be read into Topocad point cloud module. These formats are available from leading scanner instruments as FARO, Trimble, Leica, Geomax, Riegl and others.

    The point cloud module are a number of commands to colour, process, filter, delete items that are erroneous.

    Point clouds are used to create the contour lines, calculate elevations, compute volumes, create profiles and sections. Point clouds can be used instead of digital terrain models or in combination with terrain models.

    Module Point Clouds complements other Topocad modules. The basic module using the point cloud to retrieve the heights, create terrain models from point clouds and to create contours. Geometry module with profile form using the module for creating terrain profiles. Volume model using point cloud to calculate volumes between point clouds and terrain models. Topocad Volume section using point cloud module for creating terrain sections and calculate volumes between sections and between the projected sections and terrain.