• Survey data calculation

    Measurement is the underlying basis of Topocad, which can communicate with most instruments. Topocad supports import and export of a wide range of formats for data such as polar data, coordinates, leveling data, GNSS data with both LAT / LONG and base station vectors. Topocad allows you to take your project all the way from the field to the drawing and to solids and BIM. In addition, Topocad has an effective Net adjustment calculation module.

    The editing is quick, agile and powerful. With the help of a preview function you can quickly see if the result is correct. The measurement data window consists of various tabs for all kinds of different input data. Thanks to our intelligent code commands the data is sorted to layers and layer groups. Also, codes can be translated from being field codes to plain text directly in the drawing. Colors, symbols, line types and attributes can be defined, added and edited between field data and the drawing. With a little help from these functions, it is possible to create parallel lines, calculate rectangles and much more. Topocad also had control codes to portray what the reality will look like directly in the software.

    Field data communicates trough various types of measurements. Even if the field data consists of coordinates Topocad knows how to communicated directly to drawing, including the code table with control codes.


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