• Longitudinal section drawing

    Profiles, longitudinal vertical geometries, created in Topocad profile form is included in the Geometry module. With the help of terrain models and/or point clouds and a calculated road line creates terrain profiles as help to design profiles. Profile and plan data can be entered in the profile sheet to get a good overview of the components.

    The components that can be specified on the profile form are:

    • Terrain Profiles from terrain models and point clouds
    • Profile Lines for the calculated and measured profiles
    • Crossfall Information from camber formRoadline plane data
    • Slopes and radius of the profile
    • Tangent point height and section
    • The difference in height between the terrain profile and the calculated profile
    • The difference in height between the estimated profiles
    • The difference in height between the different terrain profiles
    • Area Calculation of the cross-sectional area between selected profiles
    • Withdrawal of the corridor in both plan and profile of the road and profileProfile form is inserted directly in a drawing using the command to insert profile form in the drawing.


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