• Civil planning

    Topocad is a CAD system made for surveying, design and mapping. It is also a CAD system that is close to GIS, it contains a lot of computing functions for Geodesy and it also supports design. Communication takes place on field instruments as well as other design systems, GIS systems or databases. Topocad is a hybrid between many systems but in essence it is a fully featured CAD system.

    Civil planning is a society function for determining usage of different areas in the municipality. Topocads civil planning is set up locally with local rules and laws. The rules are using a cvp text file and is easily localized as well as the macros for creating different borders and properties. The Topocad module for civil plan work has functions for creating intelligent objects through composite commands, attributes to assign properties on surfaces according to standards and custom properties. Also, the module has a smart function for creating semi-automatic legends and easy access to storage in databases.

    Brochure Civil planning

    Brochure Civil Planning