• BIM (Building Information Modelling)

    Topocad works with data and objects that are measured, designed, planned, digitized. Topocad supports IFC, VRML, OBJ and PREP files. Topocad BIM offers a variety of functions for creating solids but also unique ways to measure solids, to design solids and to calculate volumes with solids as result.

    Designing and creating BIM objects in Topocad takes place in different ways. For example, surveys can directly create BIM objects. Measurement of curbs, pipes, walls, facades, terraces, wells, lampposts, railings, columns and more are made directly from total stations or GPS, which after calculation creates 3D BIM objects.

    Import of IFC creates complete 3D objects. All BIM objects in Topocad are just like other objects and can therefore be used for quantification, visualization, stake out and machine guidance.


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