• Topocad for teachers

    Are you a teacher within GIS, geodesy or design? Then it is time to start using Topocad in your classes!

    “Topocad is easy to learn and easy to use, a good program for the real job in the field. It is a very interesting program. The tools give you extraordinary control over the design and changes are very easy”.
    Joe Bell, American Surveyor

    What is Topocad?

    Topocad is a true object orientated CAD system especially made for survey, calculation, mapping and design. Topocad has been developed by an experienced team of engineers which resulted that the development of Topocad started from a surveyor’s point of view. Whether you are a civil engineer or a landscape architect, a surveyor, a tunnel designer or a database manager, Topocad has the right application for your job.
    Topocad is used in 100 countries and is translated to 17 languages!

    Special offer for teachers

    • Topocad, a complete package, in other words all the modules you need, as many licenses you need (student and master computers). Take part of all the course package and course data. All this for a maintenance agreement of 309 E / year, regardless of the amount of licenses. The fee is for upgrades and support of the software system. Net licenses with check in and check out functions are available.
    • 50 % discount on our regular courses.
    • Note! Student licenses are for free! Each student gets a Topocad license during education. Are you a student? Order a Topocad Student license here.