• Government update

    The Topocad module for Government update delivers Buildings, Addresses and Apartment (numbers) to the central database of the National Land Survey. It includes also a diect link for downloading parcels and properties from the NLS and a way to communicate road data, local Traffic Regulations (LTR) to the central server for road information.

    Building, Address, Apartment update (BAA)

    With Topocad Update, building geometries, addresses and apartments will be quicker and easier to update directly to the National Land Survey. Inventory command changes to retrieve buildings maintained by the Land Survey, or for self-control. Buildings, addresses and apartments, or other data from central server, is easily downloaded, checked and updated to the central server via a login using digital bank identification. Topocad allows several different approaches to the graphical working method as a common denominator. Work visually on the map and choose if you want to save information in your own database, drawing or at the National Land Survey. When you have matched the local municipality’s attributes with NLS, you can create, edit or complete BAA objects to finally synchronize data with the NLS.
    A clear dialog shows what’s updated, choose what to sync. When uploading to NLS database, their operating rules are checked.

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    Brochure Topocad Government update