• Detailed development plan

    Detailed plans in Topocad

    Topocad plan module is specifically designed for handling detail plans. Plan module uses guidelines from the National Board of Housing, the so-called Green Book, from which plan rules, symbols, colours and other drawing attributes retrieved.

    Plan module is a separate module in Topocad requiring Topocad Basic Module.

    The plans are created from a large number of macros tailored for this purpose. Then Topocad already connected to the geodatabase, it is easy to get a base map for detailed plans and this one sets then their boundaries and surfaces using Topocad plane macros. These can then be supplemented with more rules. Sheets are created quickly and accurately in Topocad drawing sheet manager.

    Topocad plan module is fully integrated with Topocad and with the data Topocad use. All CAD commands are available and it is possible to create three-dimensional plans as well as illustrations.