• Databases

    For Topocad three are different database adapters where one of these stores spatial data in a database.

    Topocad with storage in the database makes it possible to store large amounts of data and the ability to share data with many others who can use Topocad or other applications.

    ISM, ArcGIS and FDO

    The different database adapters are ISM from Sokigo, ArcGIS from ESRI and FDO built with open source. Using a database of stored data through a long transaction into a database, which can be Oracle, MS SQL or PostGIS. Topocad have the intelligence to understand which items have been modified, are new or have been deleted by retrieval from a database. This makes it possible to retrieve data from a database to a Topocad drawing, save it and unplug the database while maintaining the information about the data in the drawing.

    A geodatabase contains coordinates and attributes. For the data to look good when reading into a drawing Topocad uses a filter where the different layers and attributes are given properties such as colours, line types and thicknesses, and symbols.

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