• Machine guidance

    Adtollo supports machine guidance through the Topocad Field module, which is included in the Topocad Base package.

    With Topocad guidance, we read the position of the instruments, GPS or calculated positions for the bucket and display the bucket position along with your terrain model or calculated sections.

    How does it work?

    There are functions to show the bucket, backhoe mode, in 2D and 3D, and it is possible to get the view along the road or along with the machine. A dialog shows the distance from the estimated terrain model and scoop. The dialog is made to appear more evident for the excavator operator.

    Use the same system all the way

    The advantage of using Topocad as machine guidance system is that you can use the same software all the way from the survey, to the project planning, and to the machine guidance. This system is made for the machine guidance system from The Guider.

    Machine Guidance and other systems Topocad handles a large amount of formats and can deliver data to any other machine guidance systems. By producing a terrain model or calculated sections in Topocad, you can then export it to either LandXML handled by most brands as Trimble, Topcon, Novatron, DigPilot or Georog system where we can deliver finished MBS’s, terrain models (TRM) and geometries in the form of LIN and PRF.

    Topocad machine guidance in short

    • Machine guidance is included in Topocad Base package
    • Functions to show the scoop, backhole mode, in 2D and 3D
    • Use the same software all the way, from survey, to project planning, to machine guidance
    • Deliver data to Topcon, Trimble, GeoROG / Scanlaser, DigPilot and Novatron