• Drawings

    So far drawing plans are the most common way to communicate information of a drawing, a map, a construction. In Topocad you create all kinds of drawings:

    • floor plans
    • profile drawings
    • cross section drawings
    • mixed drawings
    • as-built drawings
    • release plans
    • and many more

    Either you produce them in Topocad, where there is support in the CAD tool to draw different types of structures, input and calculate from the instrument as a total station and GPS / GNSS. Or if you import them from another system. Topocad read a large number of CAD formats such as DXF, DWG, DGN, MX, coordinate files as PXY, XYZ, GEO and GIS data as MIF and SHP. No matter what you import, Topocad takes care of the information in the best way.

    Similarly, export the information to the corresponding system, or printing on paper or to PDF, including the built-in PDF printout with layers.

    You pick easily from drawings what you need for your interpretation and stake out of data. Use import functions, external references or the function to copy and paste between drawings.

    In Topocad we now aim to go over to the finished product models and using other formats. But until then we have a great support for managing drawings in both two and three dimensions.