• Consultation

    We help you to get started with Topocad!

    For many of you who start up with Topocad it is really easy: install, register and start working. Though, sometimes it is necessary with some configurations, adaptations and connections to other systems. Of course we can help with that. From code tables, drawing sheets, symbols, line types, attribute tables to more advanced database connections and also development to fit your needs.

    We make a study of your certain needs to help you get started working effectively with Topocad, your other applications and your data. It will normally take two days for us to get a clear picture of your wishes and what we need to do. You will get a written documentation and a review of this.

    Often we do workshops where we go through your codes, symbols, layers, maps, drawings etc. so that we together can form an opinion about your requirements and how to get started in the best way.