• Topocad FDO for AutoCAD

    Connect your database through FDO to AutoCAD!

    Topocad FDO for AutoCAD is based on the exact same FDO handling as in Topocad for AutoCAD. The administration of the maps made in a separate own application so that anyone can create maps – FDO Admin. FDO, which stands for Feature Data Objects, is an open source database adapter originally developed by Autodesk, but taken over by the OS Geo a few years ago. It is developing at a steady pace and there are database adapters for a wide range of databases.

    The FDO Admin create connections, bearings and build maps with views toward various databases. These maps can now be read both in Topocad and in AutoCAD, without any distinction of the two products, one can both read and save the map to and from Topocad and AutoCAD with the same types of commands. If you currently have used Topocads FDO these maps can be used without editing directly in AutoCAD using Topocad FDO for AutoCAD.