• Try TC5D

    Are you a Topocad user and want to try TC5D?

    To all our Topocad users we offer access to a free database with links to TC5D. The database is a PostgreSQL database and is located on an external server.

    How does it work?

    In your Topocad licence we add the TC5D module. Then you can easily connect to your database instance on the server and you has the opportunity to upload data in the database. You will get a superuser account where you can administer the database. For example, it is good to add layers that you want to use on the web and link these to a layer collection. In Topocad, you can connect your project and save selected data on the server.

    You can choose whether you want to publish the data for everyone, or just for you, or others (which then requires a separate account). Besides Topocad, you get the TC5D Admin, which is an application installed on your local computer. It makes it more easily to administer the database, and also to upload files directly to the database. Your data is posted on an internet address yourname.tc5d.net, where you specify yourname.

    Do you want to test TC5D and are not a user of Topocad?

    No problem. Please contact Tomas Sandström for further information.
    +46 70 911 15 03