• 3D

    TC5D is Adtollos three-dimensional web map that publish 3D data directly on the Web. Data is stored in a PostgreSQL database directly connected to Topocad. It makes it easy to store data in a geographic database from Topocad. Data that can be shared with others who have access to the database. The data in the database can be viewed on the Internet using TC5D.

    TC5D uses WebGL graphics driver that is built into browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, and do not need to be downloaded again. WebGL supports 3D graphics for data sent to TC5D displayed in three dimensions generator of the client.

    From Topocad store drawings, images, point clouds, and terrain models and the data can then be mixed and displayed immediately.

    The database has different user levels which makes it possible to have different access to data in the same project.