• TC5D

    TC5D is a brand new web publisher with full 3D functionality in your web browser! TC5D has a direct link to Topocad but can also upload and use data as DWG, DGN, Shape or from FDO databases.

    “I’ve got to say, from a user interface point-of-view, it’s a very nice piece of software”

    Review of TC5D by Sam Pfeifle

    TC5D uses dynamic HTML and WebGL for your 3D view on Internet and with Json communication to the database PostGreSQL/PostgIS. Just upload your data and the data is fully readable in 3 dimensions direct in the client computer without plug-ins.

    TC5D adds two more dimensions; the fourth dimension is time. Work with versions, phases and published data for different use of data dependently of what type of user you are.

    The fifth dimension is relations. Objects can be edited with relations to each other, i.e. a lamp post can have a relation to a road line and if the road line is modified the map post may need an update. wTC5D is a geographical web tool that displays all position data in 5 dimensions, prepared to connect the geographical world with the technical BIM world!