• Release of Topocad 20!

    Topocad 20.0 is here, a new version packed with exciting news and improvements!

    – I am very pleased with Topocad 20.0. We have spent a lot of time improving performance and simplifying for the user, with both updated and new awesome features worthy of the new decade, says Joakim Svantesson, Business Area Manager Measure & Kart at Adtollo.

    What is new then?

    The focus has been on usability and stability. Several of the new features are about making the software more intuitive and flexible for the user. An example is in one of the most commonly used commands: When drawing a polyline in the drawing, it is possible to display a meter and angle indication at the cursor. By entering a number, the user gets a fixed length or desired angle when drawing.

    Another feature is the catchment area feature, which allows the user to graphically see and investigate how the water flows over a terrain model and point out a catchment area and analyze upstream from that point.

    For those who work with design there is now a volume balance tool that helps the user to see plus and minus surfaces, and at the same time be able to modify the points in the profile and thus find a better balance for excavation and fill.

    – We have many new commands in Topocad 20 that make the software more manageable. To briefly mention some news, the user can now more easily orient and design in 3D with the help of the Object Plan focus. We have reworked the multi-volume calculation with added functionality as a preview and made it available to our Volume module users. In the point cloud document we now have many more tools for selection in 3d for extended control. To the Explode command we have added the opportunity to explode down to point level, says Jakob Samani, survey specialist at Adtollo.

    Introduction courses every month

    As of this year, Adtollo has scheduled introduction courses in Topocad on the web each month, so that new users have a chance to quickly get into the software.

    – As of version 20, we are launching online intro courses for new Topocad users. This is in line with our ambition to simplify for the user from day one, says Joakim Svantesson.

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