• New features in Topocad 21!

    Being able to load and handle large IFC models has been a focus area during the construction of Topocad version 21. Here is now a new option for easier and faster IFC import.

    I am very pleased with Topocad 21. We have taken great steps forward in most areas. Among other things, the import of IFC files has improved, which is an area where the demand is steadily increasing, says Joakim Svantesson, business area manager Mät & Kart at Adtollo.

    The biggest news can be found in the Network Adjustment module, which has become more interactive and has received several improvements, including more methods for adjustment.

    Another long-awaited update is in the legend in the drawing sheet, which makes it easier to get a nice and representative look on the sheets.

    Also, there is now a new error handling in the background of Topocad, which in the future will contribute to our ambition to constantly increase the quality of the program.

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    New option for faster IFC import

    We see an increasing need to be able to capture and create release data from IFC models. We have previously had the option of loading the model as solid. It continues and these imports have accelerated considerably. There is now also another option and that is to load the model as surfaces – that is, as most BIM viewers do. The latter option is recommended due to the speed.

    Network adjustment

    In network adjustment, we have made extensive improvements to the latest version. Now, the graphics contain interactive external references. Double-click the observation in graphical mode to jump directly to the correct row in the table. Make your change and update to see the change in the graphics.

    We have modernized the language in accordance with the terms used in HMK and also built in new methods for equalization according to the latest HMK. There are now several ways to calculate our standardized improvements (sigma levels). You can thus set a test level yourself, which is part of the new 3-level principle.

    Updated legend

    Several steps have been taken towards improving the command to create explanations in the sheet. New symbols and lines now appear primarily in the explanation as they actually appear. Previously, a color was chosen.

    There are also more opportunities to adapt the look to your own artistic vein. There are now several editing options of the text such as color, font, markings and placement. The choice you make can either apply to the individual cell, to the row, column or component. It is now also possible to visually adjust the column widths by pulling handles in the explanation. An on- and off-grid grid helps to get it straight and neat. One concern in the past has been that very long symbols have taken up a lot of space. Now there is an option to scale down the size so that the rows are the same height regardless of the symbol.

    More new features

    It is now possible to set up a library of text styles in advance, in order to quickly and easily get the right look for the texts in Topocad. We also have a new type of dimensioning to measure slopes. On terrain models and point clouds, there is now support for transparency. In the point cloud view, there is also support for external references.

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