• iBinder is phased out – deal on Congeria

    As we are planning to phase out the connection to iBinder in Chaos desktop, we want to offer our customers using Chaos desktop with iBinder a deal on Congeria.

    Connection to iBinder ends in version 9.0

    The development of the connection between Chaos desktop and iBinder (formerly Pärmen) is planned to be phased out with Chaos desktop version 9.0.

    For handling documents with metadata on the web, we refer to Congeria. Congeria is Adtollo’s own web solution for working with projects, metadata and document types.

    What does Congeria do?

    • High performance
    • Effective, unattended synchronization deliveries
    • Optional project configuration – each project can be unique
    • Project sites are easily created from templates in Chaos desktop
    • Smooth synchronization of changes in local project configurations to all parties’ local Chaos desktop
    • Management of external references. Synchronization of drawing definition files brings associated models
    • Fast and intuitive web interface
    • Possibility to check out/enter documents including version management. Manage permissions, users, and groups.

    Offer Congeria

    For those of you who today run the Chaos desktop with iBinder, we offer a Congeria project free of charge for three months. This is an opportunity to evaluate and test Congeria in your organization.
    Contact Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren to take part of the offer.


    Contact Tommy regarding the offer or other questions:
    Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren, Symetri
    E-mail: Tommy.Axelsten.stjarngren@symetri.com
    Phone: +46 70 677 05 95

    For development requests and technical questions, please contact Mari:
    Mari Höijer, Adtollo
    E-mail: Mari.Hoijer@adtollo.se
    Phone: +46 70 911 15 13

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