• Adtollo Inside story – Fredrik Sundberg

    Meet our coworkers to get an insight in how it is working at Adtollo!

    • Name: Fredrik Sundberg
    • Working as: Product specialist Topocad
    • Employed at Adtollo since: 2007
    • Background: Trained in GIS/Physical community planning. Previously worked on the distribution of Autodesk’s products in the Nordic region.

    Fredrik has worked with Topocad for more than 12 years and is one of us with the broadest knowledge in the software system. If you’ve called Adtollo in need of support, have been to an education or needed help with installations in complex environments, you’ve probably been in contact with Fredrik.

    Here at the office everyone knows which place is his at the coffee table and if he’s not working out during lunch he will surely suggest that we go to an Indian restaurant.

    Now, Fredrik is working with the introduction of Adtollo’s surveying and mapping product TopoDirekt with new municipal customers. Mainly it’s about helping customers getting started with installations and training. Since TopoDirekt was launched, Fredrik has become one of our specialists for these customers.

    – The introduction of our new product TopoDirekt with municipal customers is what’s taking most of my time right now, Fredrik says.

    What does a normal day at Adtollo look like?

    – Every day is different from the other. It depends a little on what kind of support I get. It’s very varied what the customers need help with. Sitting on a broad competence and knowing all parts of Topocad is the key to be able to do my work.

    For example, customers can request an education and then Fredrik works on preparing it. In addition to telephone, a lot of communication is handled over the web, where there is the opportunity to share screens for more effective support and complete educations can be kept at distance. Today, most people have well-functioning technology, so it works really well to teach this way. However, many customers prefer meeting up, which gives Fredrik an opportunity to travel around the country.

    What attracted you to Adtollo?

    – I worked in the industry and knew about Topocad and Chaos systems, which was the name of the company back then. I thought Topocad was an interesting solution. I remember calling Tomas Sandström (one of the former co-owners), who explained that there was a need for a support technician and that he had thought of me in that role. I got an interview to Stefan Andersson, our CEO, who made his decision during the interview and offered me the job.

    Fredrik believes that it went so fast because he was known in the industry.

    How would you describe the atmosphere at Adtollo?

    Fredrik describes the atmosphere as very helpful, where everyone helps each other no matter what.

    – We are a fairly small company and we need to help each other. I think we are good at working as a team.

    What is best thing about the job?

    – The colleagues in particular, and the varied tasks.

    Another important thing is that Topocad is an exciting product. Fredrik thinks it’s fun to work with Topocad as a software and the fact that the development takes place within the same walls. There’s a lot of things happening in the industry and by having short links Topocad can be in the forefront. It’s positive not being controlled by what a big company in another country wants, where the industry can differ from the Swedish one.

    – It’s rewarding to be involved in the whole process: from a request, to the function being built into the software system, to holding an education where the customer gets to learn about the new function and finally when you see the function come in handy in the customer’s work.

    Do you have any tips for someone who wants to work as a product specialist in Surveying & Mapping?

    – I’ve always had an interest in looking at and interpreting maps. There are many people in this industry who are extremely knowledgeable in their field and it’s very common with a genuine interest lying behind it. If you’re interested in something, be sure to keep up with the new technology within this field. It may be regarding surveying, or maybe 3D CAD. Follow the industry and stay updated in your particular area of interest. It will benefit you when it’s time to look for a job.

    What do you prefer doing, when you are not working?

    – I spend most of my spare time on activities with my three children. Sports have been a big part of my life, so I encourage that for my kids as well. It’s fun and keeps me active myself. For a while it was quite extreme, when my kids had 9 different activities a week, with gymnastics, soccer, dance and instruments. But we’ve cut down on that now, it didn’t work. Back then I was a taxi driver, Fredrik says with a laugh.

    – Otherwise barbecuing is a bit of a hobby. I can do that during all seasons!

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