• Handling of personal data

    We collect personal data in order to provide our customers with a good service, for product information, customer communication and marketing communications.

    We collect personal information on different occasions:

    • When you buy our products
    • When you contact us via contact form, email or phone
    • When you submit a support case via form, email or phone
    • When applying for a test license of our products
    • When you sign up for our training and conferences
    • When you leave a request about our products
    • When you sign up for the newsletters

    We process personal data by storing them in our customer systems.

    Fill out the form to manage your information

    Fill out the form below to start/quit email subscription or to request information stored on you.

    Delete me from all records

    By answering NO on the first question in the form your personal information will be deleted from all registers.

    Note! If you are a customer, you will not be able to delete all your information, as we need it to send your license information.