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    Read about how Adtollo customers are using Topocad survey and mapping software.

    Topocad – an important link in innovative AR technology

    In advanced glasses, the real terrain and digital design are simultaneously visible. It provides a more efficient way of projecting, says Rikard Svall at 5D Consultants who developed the working method where Topocad has an important role as information carrier.

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    Standardized prototype drawings provide more efficient flow for Hovås Mätkonsult

    At Hovås Mätkonsult, one has developed a standardized way of working, controlled by the prototype drawings presented in Topocad. This contributes to the flow of information in the projects, “says Filippa Christiansen.

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    Fast growing GeoDeal uses Topocad for quality checks

    The pace is high at the engineering company GeoDeal. To achieve good quality in data input from the field, Topocad is used. It has become a daily routine at the company.

    – It is unusual how many file formats Topocad can read, says Frederick Håkansson, CEO.

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    Topocad is a software that adapts to the user

    To work effective, the software needs to keep up with the technical development and be able to handle large amounts of data. That is one of the reasons why the region manager at Teodoliten Mätteknik, Ali Afsahi, has chosen to work with Topocad. The software adjusts to the way I think, he says.

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    When a connecting line must be designed one can study which points that are best suited in Topocad

    Niklas Åberg, Surveyor, LKAB

    I have worked in many major projects and the only way to be successful is to have a simple, logical and functional structure. We must by controlling the process, which is one of the major uses and benefits I have by using Topocad

    Peter Landau, Measurement manager, NCC

    Topocad gives me an opportunity in the point cloud module to analyze points and assess their value

    Glenn Karlsson,  Head of Department East, InfraGeoTech

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