• Topocad 23 is released!

    Topocad 23 is the latest version of our popular software for surveying, mapping and design. With new features and improvements, Topocad 23 offers even more possibilities for efficient work and quality results.

    At Adtollo, we are proud to continue developing Topocad to meet the needs of our customers. We believe that Topocad 23 will be a valuable tool for surveyors, engineers, architects, and other professionals who need an accurate and reliable calculation tool for their work.

    Topocad 23 is available now for download and purchase on our website.

    Download here


    New features in Topocad 23

    According to Joakim Svantesson, CEO of Adtollo, “Topocad 23 is an excellent version. Among the new features, my personal favourites are the new functionality in the legend editor and the ability to easily obtain a section view in the drawing.”

    Enhanced legend editor

    One of the new features is the enhanced legend editor, which has become more user-friendly than ever before. With the new legend editor, it is now possible to select multiple boxes simultaneously, making it easy to change things like text size or margins. The Offset function has been replaced with a better function called Margin, which adjusts the cells of the legend in a better way, taking into account the length and height of the text. The function is now also more visual, allowing you to click on individual cells and set the properties for the texts.

    Section view of drawing

    Another new feature is the ability to see a section view of the drawing, making it easier to analyse cross sections of terrain models on roads, pipelines, or tunnels. According to Anders Nystrand, Survey & Mapping Developer at Adtollo:

    “With the new section view tool, it is easy to display a cross section of a 3D drawing. It is also possible to draw in the cross section, and the view is then locked in the cross section plane.”

    BAL – delivery to authorities and governments

    Other improvements in Topocad 23 include smoother apartment imports in BAL, a new feature to replace geometry in sync, and the ability to open drawing sheets in a separate window. Additionally, there is a new function to extract lines from terrain models, making it easier to extract outer lines, measured lines, and contour lines.

    Overall, Topocad 23 offers a wealth of new features and improvements designed to enhance user-friendliness and streamline the design process. You can find all the latest updates HERE.

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