• Work faster with graphics in Topocad 17

    We are pleased to announce the release of Topocad 17. A great version including many news and enhancements! Download Topocad 17 here.

    Work faster with graphics

    One of the major new enhancements in 17 is the support of DirectX, a graphic driver from Microsoft, which will speed up the software.

    Parametric solids

    Parametric solids are now available both from design and from survey via coding. Collision test is a new function to check where there are collisions of solids.

    Print in 3D

    Printing has a new way of working so we have now implemented that WMS can be used direct from the view, print out to 3D printers via STL format and it is possible to print 3D layouts.

    More news

    In geometry the roadline editor has a new way to create roadlines (longitudinal alignments), very similar to the fast and easy-to-use profile (vertical alignment) editor in the Profile form.

    In survey data there are a new column for reduced lengths which makes it clear and easy to understand and correct measured lengths according to different prism constants, a common mistake.

    In the drawing it is possible to use a terrain model for trim and extend and to find an intersection between two terrain models.

    These are some of the new features and commands in Topocad 17! You find all of them at our website: http://adtollo.se/en/download/version-news/

    Detailed brochure

    Brochure with more detailed news with describing images:

    News in Topocad 17.pdf

    Any questions?

    Please contact Tomas Sandström
    +46 8410 415 03


  • More news

  • Improved vectorization of pointclouds in Topocad 18.1

    Download the latest version of Topoccad – 18.1!

    Download Topocad 18.1

    All news in version 18.1

    Some of the news is found below:

    Point clouds An improved vectorization where the points are first saved as meshes and then can be saved to terrain models. This makes it possible to create terrain models with negative sloping surfaces. Another improved function of point clouds is...

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  • New release – Chaos desktop 8.2.1

    There is a new release of Chaos desktop available for download. This new release includes an important correction.

    Please download Chaos desktop 8.2.1 here.


    Contact person for sales, support and training  is Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren at Symetri Sweden.

    Phone: +46 70 677 05 95

    E-mail: tommy.axelsten.stjarngren@symetri.com


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  • New version: Topocad 18.0.3 is here

    The new version Topocad 18.0.3 is available for download, containing a few bug fixes and also a new version of PrintfPC included for import from Leica 1200/VIVA.

    Download Topocad 18.0.3 here.

    Read all news in 18.0.3 here.

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  • Visit us at GEO Business in London, May 22-23!

    Adtollo will attend GEO Business in London, May 22-23!

    Visit us at stand P3!

    If you want a personal meeting, please contact Tomas Sandstrom.

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  • New version: Chaos desktop 8.2

    A new version of Chaos desktop is now available for download: Chaos desktop 8.2. This new release includes Congeria connection.

    New product: Congeria 1.0

    Congeria is a cloud solution for document management developed by Adtollo. Feel free to contact Symetri for more information about Congeria.

    Contact us

    If you are interested in more information about this version of Chaos desktop please co...

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