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    Topocad Point Cloud is an efficient module for the use of large point clouds. Topocad point cloud module provides the ability to color the point cloud from orthophoto. Point cloud is an expanded feature were you may dress a point cloud with a raster image in Topocad 16 and on. It is also possible to delete parts of the point cloud manually. You may also color points after the elevation of different height scales and color angles in order to see differences in height in slopes. Topocad 64 bits provides a smother and faster point cloude module.

    A number of file formats including LAS, NH (ESRI ASCII grid) and general ASCII files are imported into Topocad TPC format. The system can read RGBA information including different colors and intensity. There is also a filter that you may use to classify when importing to Topocad. The point cloud can be viewved in three dimensions and is RGBA friendly which means that colors are presented in all point cloud models.

    There are two ways to filter point clouds in the module. The first is to “roll a ball” on the bottom (or top) of the point cloud. The points that the ball touches are allowed to be remained. By varying the radius of the ball determines whether more or fewer points will be presented. Secondly, one can specify a box with the bottom, top or middle point saved.

    Topocad point could files can be used for a variety of functions. You can ceate a terrain modell of a point cloud file and edit it. The file may also be used in all commands that uses terrain modelling. One can also:

    • Create contour lines
    • In contour lines choose to use a point cloud-file.
    • Import hights from point cloud to objects, coordinate files and see differences between objects and point clouds.
    • Volume calculate two point clouds (with Volume Modelling).
    • Volume calculate terrain models and point clouds.
    • Volume calculate point clouds and plane surface.
    • Terrain Section calculation of point clouds, combined with terrain models (with Volume section)
    • Volume calculation in sections with one or more point clouds and/or terrain models (with Volume modelling)
    • Creating terrain profile from point clouds (with Geometry)
    • Create a tunnel section from point clouds (with Volume section)


    Point clouds can be edited manually, for example, selected points can be deleted. You can also color the point cloud in different ways; through elevation, through inclination in the point cloud or by using a raster image. The point cloud can also be used to set a height on raster image.

    It is possible to export parts of and/or the entire point cloud to different coordinate files or to Topocad point cloud files. It is also possible to import point clouds to a Topocad drawing which gives you the opportunity to use point clouds as references. Point Cloud can be used as background but also for snapping purposes. You can also save the point cloud to TC5D and then display it in three dimensions, both in color and intensity.

    For you that works with point clouds

    1. When importing a point cloud in the drawing, you can insert how many point that will be shown and how they are to be presented in the properties dialog. It also displays the total number of cloud points.
    2. Import point cloud as an external reference or on its own layer which can be frozen. Frozen laysers can’t be updated however the drawing will function faster. External references can also be turned off.

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