• Plan

    Topocad is a CAD system made for surveying, design and mapping. It is also a CAD system that is close to GIS, it contains a lot of computing functions for Geodesy and it also supports design. Communication takes place on field instruments as well as other design systems, GIS systems or databases. Topocad is a hybrid between many systems but in essence it is a fully featured CAD system.

    Topocads’ 3D functionality makes it easy to create drawings in 2D. It allows you to create data quickly and easily from many of Topocads’ CAD commands. It also allows to import data from other sources regardless of whether it is drawing data, coordinate files or GIS files. All types of data are received and structured in Topocad. Measurement data are read, calculated and structured in right layers.

    Topocad has a built-in drawing sheet were you may create smart templates plans quickly and easily. It is also easy to supplement with an legend, coordinate list, symbol legends, north arrow and scales.


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