• BIM – important in the construction of E4 Stockholm Bypass

    Karin Andersson, BIM-specialist E4 Förbifart Stockholm

    Karin Andersson, BIM specialist E4 Stockholm Bypass

    It is a giant infrastructure project to lead the traffic past the city center of Stockholm.

    By using BIM, the data flow gets better and the error gets fewer, says Karin Anderson who is BIM specialist in the project. We get a better coordination and communication between the technical areas and the contractors. BIM leads to lower costs.
    The traffic situation in the Stockholm region is severely strained. That’s why the E4 Stockholm Bypass is built to lead the traffic west of the capital and reduce the strain in the city center.
    The idea is to facilitate the flow both for private and public traffic. This giant investment is described as “one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Stockholm of all time” and is now highly ongoing. The initial study was made back in 2001 and opening is planned to 2026.
    The information is the thing that keeps this huge project together.
    – Our goal is to replace drawings with models, tells Karin Anderson who is BIM specialist in the Stockholm Bypass project.
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  • New version: Topocad 17.1.1

    New version released: Topocad 17.1.1


    News in Topocad 17.1.1

    General • Fixed missing translation in 32-bit version

    CAD • Correction: Bearing dimensions were not saved correctly. • Correction: WMS was only drawn in drawing sheet if the WMS and drawing had different coordinate systems. • Correction: Only one WMS was shown when multiple WMS were used.

    Civil plan • Correct...

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  • Topocad – the software that adapts to the user

    Ali Afsahi, region manager at Teodoliten

    To work effective, the software needs to keep up with the technical development and be able to handle large amounts of data. That is one of the reasons why the region manager at Teodoliten Mätteknik, Ali Afsahi, has chosen to work with Topocad. The software adjusts to the way I think, he says.

    The construction industry is red-...

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  • Topocad 17.1: Locate cylinders in pointclouds

    In the new version of Topocad there are plenty of new features:

    Locate cylinders in point clouds Support for solids (*.tsm) in user terrain layers Support for Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

    List of all news in Topocad 17.1

    Download Topocad 17.1

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  • Version news: Chaos desktop 8.0

    We are pleased to announce the release of Chaos desktop 8.0. A version with many news and enhancements! Download here.

    Version news

    Some of the news in this version:

    • More Progress bars • Updated Open dialogs • New names on Project Templates • Style formats available to use with Chaos desktop Word Addin • New ChaosFunc version • Improved synchronization • Faster navigation • Resolution ada...

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  • Work faster with graphics in Topocad 17

    We are pleased to announce the release of Topocad 17. A great version including many news and enhancements! Download Topocad 17 here.

    Work faster with graphics

    One of the major new enhancements in 17 is the support of DirectX, a graphic driver from Microsoft, which will speed up the software.

    Parametric solids

    Parametric solids are now available both from design and from survey via coding. ...

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